Forgotten Twice; Soldiers of the Forgotten War (The Korean War 1950-1953)

On this Veterans Day, 2016, many Korean War veterans have new reasons to be compassionate toward their fallen comrades they had left behind more than 60 years ago, particularly after the Battle of Chosen Reservoir near the Manchurian Border. Between Nov. 17 to Dec. 13th, 1950, nearly half of 25,000 U. N. soldiers were brutally martyred by the bugle blowing, grenade throwing 120,000 Chinese troops.

 Joint U.S.-North Korea remain search teams recovered 229 sets of American remains in this area between 1996 and 2005, brought them back, and buried them in military honors. But Washington gave up the efforts–after North Korea boasted its nuclear madness by test-firing a submarine-based ballistic missile, alarming the rest of the world. The U.S. military claimed that the remain-recovery is not safe for the workers and there was no guarantee to find more remains. Then 4 years ago, things got worse: North Korea began to construct 10 Hydroelectric Power-plants in that area, along the Chong-chon River, ruining the sacred ground where the U.N. troops were ambushed and martyred.

It’s not important that 14,000 North Koreans were mobilized to construct these hydroelectric plants or that the completion of this project was a big deal for the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Workers’ Party, which took place on August 28, 1946. What’s important here is that the “Leave no man behind” has been the U.S. military’s most sacred vow of its all vows for years. How do the families of the fallen heroes of the Forgotten War feel about this?


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Twice; Soldiers of the Forgotten War (The Korean War 1950-1953)

  1. Thank you for always remembering those kids KIA and MIA in the Korean War. We lost approximately 36,000 KIA in Korea between 1950-1953. That’s 12,000 per year.To put it in prospective, we lost approximately 58,000 in Vietnam in 10-years. And for what? Korea stopped military Communist aggression and was the beginning of the end “Iron Curtain” with Poland, Germany and other Countries revolting from Russian control. Vietnam war was a waste. We now send aid and tours there! The same applies to the Middle East!!

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  2. Thank you, Veteran Shirel. Time moves on and our memories fade with time, but my memories of the day I saw you American troops who had just landed in our town of Pusan in early July, after North Koreans launched a surprise attack on June 25th, 1950, remains in my mind as if it were a month ago. And we children visited injured American soldiers in a military hospital and entertained them, by singing those beautiful songs–Danny Boy, Swanee River, Beautiful Dreams, My Old Kentucky Home and more. Long before I knew there was Washington, New York, Los Angeles in the United States, I knew there was Kentucky!
    We South Koreans would not have survived the communist brutality, had you not been there.
    Thank you again! God bless!
    Therese Park


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